"... With my unique understanding of our company and her broad success with other organizations, we built a program to foster organizational cohesion that was well received throughout the company."

Lisa Jing
Program Manager
Global Diversity and Inclusion
Cisco Systems

Diversity and Inclusion

Influencer #3: Diversity and Inclusion

Your Diverse Workforce = Employee Differences In:

Generation / Ethnicity / ReligionRegion of the World

Sex / Work Style / Abilities / World Views and more …

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Data Source: “What Differences Make a Difference,” Mannix, Neale

Now more than ever, strong diverse and inclusive work cultures is a major differentiator.

How can diversity produce both the Highest functioning teams and the Lowest functioning teams?

The highest functioning diverse teams explicitly leverage and bridge their differences within a culture of inclusion. When everyone has the opportunity of express their true selves, performance excellence and Innovation soars.

Lower functioning diverse teams tend to encourage a “mainstream” attitude. Differences adapt or are swept aside in denial. The end result: Non-inclusive cultures with unresolved tension and underperforming, disengaged employees and teams.

Diverse & Inclusive Teams Can Become Your Competitive Advantage

Malati Marlene Shinazy, M.Ed., is a Diversity and Inclusion expert. She can help you develop strategy and initiatives to benefit from opportunities of a diverse workforce and inclusive culture.

  • Respond to diverse customer needs
  • Uncover previously unrecognized challenges
    • And, quickly find solutions
  • See unrecognized opportunities
  • Achieve the full potential of your future leaders
  • Retain the full benefits of millennial employees, gen-X, and boomers teams

Email her directly to start benefiting from Diversity and Inclusion recruitment, retention and performance excellence.


For teens, college students, and adults who work with 13-19 year olds, we conduct special programs using the popular interactive diversity learning game, teenDIVERSOPHY™.

Contact us about ways you too can help your teens or young college students learn the skills and healthy mindset of living and thriving in their multicultural world.

    I’d be happy to discuss your specific Diversity and Inclusion, recruitment and retention problems, and way Pacific Leadership Consultants can help.