Our Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

Pacific Leadership Consultants has One Goal … Your Organization’s Success.

Our Vision is Simple: We envision organizations where employees at every level enjoy
building and maintaining cultures in which everyone finds energy, passionate innovation, and purpose. Increased productivity, Improved customer service, sales and and profitability follow naturally.

Our Mission

Innovate and Celebrate. We research and implement best practices while developing ever more successful solutions for our clients to lead, manage and work together in healthy, engaging work environments. We celebrate the results of joint efforts with our clients and their employees.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Ethics

We assess the needs of our clients with care and precision. We only recommend solutions that are in their best interest. If we cannot assist a potential client, we will help find the firm or person who can.

We are committed to holding ourselves, as experts in our fields, to the highest standards of professionalism.

Modeling the Way

We want the same work environment we help our clients develop.

We are each are responsible for creating thel culture in which we do our best work, and lead healthy, fun, and balanced lives, while thoroughly enjoying working together.

Lifelong Learning

We are committed to continuously learning, improving and innovating.Like good chocolate, we can’t get enough.

We recognize that as we learn and grow, we advance not only our development, but also the brain trust that is at the core of work – and our clients’ success.

Serving Our Community

We are committed to enhancing our local and global community in every possible way. We actively engage in service activities, provide pro bono service, and contribute to socially oriented non-profits. We minimize the use of paper, water and emissions and are dedicated to using alternatives to non-recyclable products.

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