Influencer #4: Super-Teams


Any work group can become a Super-Team!

Super-Team Effectiveness Building

We help you enhance your culture through Super Team Effectiveness Building:

    • Add challenging and fun group business-oriented exercises into your next retreat, all-hands meeting, or annual strategic planning session
    • Enhance awareness of the culture you are building together so that everyone wants to work to keep it strong
    • Strengthen your regular team building sessions to help your employees build upon their strengths and overcome challenges together
    • Undergoing a merger or acquisition? Effectively integrate new work-groups through Super-Team Effectiveness Building and  Diversity and Inclusion programs

Super-Team Repair

Even the highest functioning teams can settle into being “good enough.” Sometimes, they break apart, form silos, or just stop working well.

We work with intact, cross-functional, and virtual work groups to bring back their former enthusiasm, engagement, and unity − ultimately leading to a high performance, sustainable future.

      • Super-Team Effectiveness Building and Repair™ objectives are determined through close communication with you.
      • Your custom program will include internal marketing communication. All team members will appreciate the value of your investment and what to expect as follow-up.


If you have a team that is ready to soar as a Super-Team, or one that needs repair, don’t waste time and resources waiting for them to improve on their own.

Contact us to determine the most effective steps that will move your good-teams-to-great and get your floundering teams back on track.

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